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Sustainable Business Process Management

How do yo ensure the transition towards sustainability in
business processes and the company core?

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Sustainable Business Process Managment (SBPM) is a very important pillar that will move your company forward on the path to becoming a holistic sustainable enterprise. To create sustainable business management, it is important to see the equivalence of products/services and the core of the company. To embed sustainability into the core of the company in day-to-day operations, we need to rethink your processes.

Similar to SDG impact measurement, the first step is to map the process cycle of specific operational processes and analyze which parts of the process cycle pay attention to which SDGs.
By creating a Process Landscape, we help you identify the issues and opportunities for improvement and determine long-term actions. This can be replacing conventional resources with environmentally friendly, sustainable sources, such as in the extraction of raw materials. Or optimizing the selection process of different suppliers. The end-of-life process of the product can also be standardized in this way, so that the process has a positive sustainable impact on our environment and thus has a profitable effect on the entire company.
With optimization workshops we show you methods how process owners can identify, prioritize, measure and sustainably optimize process areas in the future.

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