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Sustainable Business

Enabling Sustainability through Innovation

We facilitate you in establishing sustainability practices at the core of your business and
aligning your processes, products and services with sustainable business management.


Sustainable Business Model Development


Live Cycle Assessment


Impact Measurement

Sustainable Business Model Development

How do you leverage sustainability opportunities
to rethink and create new business models?

The issue of sustainability has evolved from a niche topic for companies to a fundamental risk and success factor for the coming decades. Sustainable business models not only add social and ecological value, but are already proven to be economically more successful. 
We enable you to design customer and planet centric business models that generate high impact, while achieving the greatest possible business value. Future-oriented, we overcome the contradiction between profitability and sustainability. To achieve this, we apply customized state-of-the-art approaches such as stakeholder value and systemic thinking.

As a result, we deliver validated customer journeys and business models.
Discover what you can do to become a purpose-driven leader!

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Sustainabillity & Innovation Expert

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Sustainable Innovation

 Life Cycle Assessment

What are the benefits of a systematic analysis of potential environmental impacts actross a product's life cycle?

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a systematic approach that aims at identifying and minimizing the negative impact on the environment at every stage of the product's life cycle. The product life cycle extends from the extraction of raw materials to the processing, manufacture, distribution, use, and disposal as well as recycling of a product.
We enable you to map the effect a product has on the environment, to increase resource-efficiency and minimize liabilities. Waste generated during manufacturing can be reduced by optimizing manufacturing processes. Measures such as recycling, resource recovery and the principle of sustainable circular economy are possible solutions for this.

The analysis creates the next step towards a holistic approach to sustainability by identifying problem areas that have a significant impact on the ecological footprint of the product and the entire company.

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Sustainability & Innovation Expert

SDG Impact Measurement

What does it need to measure and improve the social and
environmental impact of your business operations?

In order to put the 17 Sustainable Development Goals into a business context and to enable you to positively contribute to these goals, we provide an SDG identification in the first step. We determine which SDGs your company has touchpoints with.
In a further step, we classify these SDGs based on international business guidelines and determine the degree of impact. The decision for the classification is based on qualitative criteria, which are selected according to the company's specifics.

As a result, the risks and opportunities for your company are elaborated in order to be able to define targeted measures for the long term.

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Sustainability & Innovation Expert



Sustainability & Innovation Expert

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