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Sustainability Strategy

Enabling the Transformation towards
a more sustainable Future


We support organizations in developing and implementing a successful sustainability strategy. In doing so, our sustainability experts guide management teams through the process of vision development, support the identification of strategic fields of action, and help formulate and derive smart goals and effective measures that result in an individual sustainability roadmap. Along the way, we analyze the external market and evaluate internal processes and structures to identify risks and opportunities for the roadmap.   


Sustainability as Opportunity - Workshops & Trainings


Sustainability Strategy & Materiality


Circular Economy Business Model 

Sustainability Workshops & Trainings


Sustainability is at the top of the corporate agenda and will not go away. Yet for many people and organizations it is still just a trend. And that's perfectly normal, because it's a highly complex topic associated with many challenges, specific commitments and goals.
In order to find your way to sustainable transformation, it is important to understand the basics and get an orientation in the variety of topics.
What are important regulations I need to be aware of? How can I reduce my carbon footprint? How can I make products circular? How can I cut costs? Where are my future business opportunities and markets that I can enter or expand?

How & What

Our pragmatic approach is to turn the challenges of a sustainable business transformation into your opportunities! In our 2-3 hour basic trainings/webinars we provide you with the most important up-to-date information that will help you find orientation and give insight into what steps are needed now to stop talking and start doing.

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Sustainability Strategy and Materiality


More and more companies no longer regard the topic of sustainability as a marginal issue, but as an essential component for future success. To avoid falling into the greenwashing trap, it is important to take a holistic view of the topic in order to change one's own business model and anchor sustainability at the core of the company.

How & What

We at sharkbite give you orientation on your journey to a sustainable company and define together with you an individually tailored sustainability strategy. Pragmatic, resource-saving and effective!

In a four-day workshop series, we carry out a materiality analysis, not only highlighting risk factors such as your competitive situation or current and future legal regulations, but also see the topic as an opportunity to integrate sustainability trends and best practice approaches into your value creation. We develop a sustainability vision aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), define targets and KPIs, and derive an action plan that can be implemented directly at the operational level.

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Circular Economy
Business Model


The linear form of value creation is no longer sustainable due to the negative environmental and financial side effects. In addition to these risks, legal regulations such as the EU taxonomy, the Circular Economy Package I & II (EU) or the Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz (DE) also require companies to develop in the direction of a circular economy.

How & What

We consider the circular economy as an enormous potential not only to optimize the own value chain but also to open up new sustainable business opportunities. Using the principles of the circular economy such as product life extension, reuse, remanufacturing, up- & downcycling and recycling, we develop win-win potentials between sustainability and profitability.

On the basis of a four-day workshop series we visualize your value chain and analyze it in the first step for circular potentials. Afterwards, we develop profitable business cases together with you, which are validated in the form of MVPs (Minimal Viable Products) with pilot customers and further developed to market maturity.

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