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Enabling the Organizations of tomorrow

We are convinced that for the sustainable transformation of organizations to succeed, new ways of working are needed. More digital, more agile and more efficient. That's why we empower teams, leaders and organizations to deal with complexity, accelerate innovation and implement sustainable business practices. We deliver tailored concepts, trainings or workshops to facilitate agile working, entrepreneurial thinking and organizational development. For individuals and teams at all management levels.


Agile Leadership &




Agile Team Work &

Agile Leadership and Change

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Our economy is in the midst of a digital and sustainable transformation that will accompany us permanently - not only in forms of change projects. This requires new forms of organization, future oriented leadership and a strong innovation culture.

How & What

  • Agile Leadership

  • Fostering Innovation in Leadership

  • Enable Change as Leader

In our Trainings, Workshops and Design Challenges, leaders of all management levels experience innovation and agile methods and gain a deeper understanding of what enables and what hinders change and innovation in companies. Next to personal experience in design challenges, leaders get an insight into practical tipps and tools for daily leadership performance.

Agile Leadership & Tansformtion
Sustainable Leadership

Sustainable Leadership

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We observe that leadership culture as part of corporate culture is usually not taken into account when developing sustainability strategies and sustainable transformation projects. The way in which leadership is lived and implemented in organizations is a key factor in the success or failure of such projects. In our view, sustainable transformation can therefore only succeed if leadership culture also becomes sustainable. 

How & What 


  • Development of a Sustainable Leadership Compass | Consulting & Workshops


  • Sustainable Learning & Development Strategies & Formats | Consulting & Workshops


  • Sustainable Development Leadership Goals (SDLG) - Leadership along the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) | Workshops


  • Sustainable Leadership Days | Events & Facilitation

We also offer basic training on company-specific sustainability topics.

Agile Team Work
and Self Organization

Agile Working & Self Orga


Planning and efficiency have helped companies to succeed in times of stable markets. In today's VUCA world we encounter disruptive markets and complex problems. Successful companies nowadays focus on doing the right things.

How & What
We enable teams and organizations to deal with complexity, develop customer focused solutions and design resilient and adaptive team structures. 


  • Agile basic trainings

    • Agile mindset, agile values and principles


  • Agile methods trainings

    • Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking, Lean Startup


  • Self-organizationation trainings

    • Self-leadership, self-organization in teams and agile organization

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We build formats that suit you! 
We don’t offer standard training programs. Instead, we analyze your needs and advise you on possible enablement formats and design suitable training programs. In doing so, we combine proven formats and, if required, individually designed trainings.

We know what we talk about - trainers and coaches with practical backgrounds.
Our trainers and coaches are not only highly educated in theory, but are also experts in their field due to their own practical experience. That's why we don't offer off-the-shelf knowledge, but rather relevant practical reports and implementation tips in addition to well-founded impulses.

Learning by experience
We apply hands-on training methods directly to current problems. In this way, relevant solutions are developed directly by the participants themselves. 

State-of-the-art methods - remote, hybrid and onsite.
We are professionals in moderation - whether virtual, hybrid or in presence. For our formats we use the latest virtual collaboration technology and interactive tools such as Miro, Mural or Mentimeter. In our trainings, events and workshops, the focus is on personal experience, working on one's own cases and open exchange among each other.


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Sustainable Innovation


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