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Building a sustainable economic system is a collaborative effort. That's where Sharkbite comes into play. Your partner for transforming your business to an agile, innovative and sustainable organization.

What is the right Sharkbite solution for you?

What we offer

Innovation & Intrapreneurship

We believe innovation is a the key driver for sustainable development.

By designing ideation challenges and intrapreneurship programs, we help organizations to boost innovation capacities in strategically important fields.


Sustainable Business Modelling

With a future-oriented sustainability positioning - resulting from a value- and purpose-oriented strategy for a more sustainable business - your company can gain a competitive advantage. 


We work with you to develop sustainable business models and processes that have a positive impact and are economically profitable at the same time.


Sustainability Strategy Development

We provide customized services to help organizations to develop and implement a sucessfull sustainability strategy. To identify risks and opportunities for this journey, we analyize the external market and evaluate internal processes and structures.

Our sustainability experts guide management teams through the process of forming a vision, goal and roadmap for sustainable business practices and our change enablers help companys to put the strategy into action.


Agile & New Work Trainings

We focus on teaching and applying methods for agile working, innovation & creativity and entrepreneurial thinking, e.g. Design Thinking, Lean StartUp as well as the basics of mindfulness and self-organization.


To this end, we offer training and workshop formats, accompany innovation processes in organizations and make managers fit for future challenges.

Dive with us

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Sustainability challenges and opportunities arise across all industries. Resilient supply chains, zero emissions, resource efficiency and future-oriented business models are priority topics for our customers.
We provide you with our expert knowledge on sustainability leaders in your industry and what you can learn from other sectors.   

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