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Sharkbite supports Amref Health Africa Germany in social business program

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Sharkbite to support Amref Germany in social business program
Marcus Leonhardt (CEO, Amref Germany), Joern Soyke and Laura Kohler (Founders, Sharkbite)

We are very proud to announce that we will support Amref Health Africa Germany

We will support Amref in the shaping and implementing a combined health and youth employment program, a program that will also address migration issues. The program will be piloted in Senegal and multiplied to other migration hotspots, following a successful proof of concept.

Leveraging existing models

The approach consists of the deployment of social business cooperatives, which will be run for, and by, returning migrants or at-risk youth. By doing so, the project aims to generate job opportunities and revenue for the members of the cooperative, as well as better health for their communities.

Each innovative social business cooperative shall implement activities covering key health determinants, such as:

  • Agriculture & access to nutritious food, and food security (focus on transformation and distribution of nutritious locally produced food)

  • Access to clean water

  • Hygiene, sanitation and waste management

  • Access to an energy source

  • Access to human resources for health services and products

Each determinant will be addressed through the implementation of a small or medium social business model that has proven successful elsewhere on the African continent, and fulfills the qualification parameters for local markets and adaptation. Combined, the selected social businesses will then establish the basis for a self-sustained and expandable economic system.

Creating a self-sustaining system

The solution will have to successfully address the establishment of a basic working economic system, thereby allowing the migrants to, at a minimum, fulfill their basic needs of food and water provision and disposal, health, security and economic prosperity. The scope of the cooperation does not represent a simple transfer of goods or services to people in need, but rather aims at kick-starting an economic system that is self-sustaining and can continue without continued external support. Clearly, the intent is that all parties involved will generate profits for themselves.

Lasting change in Africa

Amref Health Africa Germany is a part of Amref Health Africa, a leading health development organization, bringing good quality health care closer to those who need it most. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, Amref Health Africa is a truly African organization whose vision is to see lasting healthcare change in Africa. For its work, the organization has won several high-profile international awards, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Award for Global Health.

The success of the overall program will to a great extent rely on the economic value achieved. As the basic rules of business also apply to social enterprises, reliable business cases and models will be needed. Therefore, the businesses need to be prototyped and tested individually - challenging the idea of an economic ecosystem - with adequate buffers and alternative scenarios implemented in case of a singular failure. Amref Health Africa Germany has decided to leverage Sharkbite and its decades of combined experience of company building, entrepreneurship and startup evaluation, as well as their coaching expertise, as their partner of choice for the business-related components of their program.

We at Sharkbite feel honoured to be allowed to contribute to this highly relevant initiative, as it is located in the heart of our beliefs: Creating positive and lasting impact by combining sustainability with profitability.

Sharkbite Innovation is committed to changing the world for the better. Are you a shark? Now is the time to become one. Join the movement.

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