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Introducing the Sharks: Giulia Hauck

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

My name is Giulia, I'm an innovation strategist at Sharkbite Innovation, and I absolutely enjoy my job. That may not come as a surprise when you hear why I joined Sharkbite.

Giulia Hauck

Where it began

As a little girl I had one big dream: I wanted to be a star pianist. I gave everything to reach that goal, playing the piano day in, day out, and playing every international competition I could - for nearly 13 years.

Realizing how conservative and petrified the classical music world is, and continues to be (i.e. that everything is about the individual and that discipline dictates progress and success), led me to come to a fundamentally big decision about my dream of life of that time – it was high time to involve myself in something new.


Looking for change

I applied to the Popakademie in Mannheim – the state university of popular music and music business. My intent was to continue studying music, but to change my perspective completely. Doing that, I could combine all essential business and entrepreneurial aspects with my ongoing love of music. It seemed like a perfect solution to me. I met my future first artist shortly thereafter, we developed our vision in Germany and abroad… My first company was born. For the next few years I advised, managed and supported artists on a global level, helping them to build their careers and to become known, and recognized, internationally.


Passion for innovation

A few years later, during my studies of Design Thinking at Hasso-Platter-Institut (HPI) there was a moment where it felt like I caught my breath again. But what had happened? I realized that I had again, inadvertently, landed in yet another very traditional industry by going into the music industry. Somehow everything revolved around the way we did things in the “good old times”, a time when we felt everything was way better. Studying Design Thinking at HPI, allowed me to see how people could spin ideas that would actually help shape our future. This truly fascinated me – and once again I made quite a jump, deciding to dedicate my focus on innovation.

At etventure, a digitalization consulting firm based in Berlin and a part of the EY network, I worked as Product Lead in the field of enabling and supporting teams at various companies in Europe, the U.S. and Asia to rollout projects focused on agile methods and innovation processes. That included a lot of coaching on the modern mindset with all kinds of clients and company typologies. The common thread was that I needed to get them involved in the “NEW” and to have great fun with change and new!


Sustainability leading the way

Through all I observed in the world of business and economics, my desire to work on projects with more sustainable impact and purpose constantly grew and grew. Sharkbite was the best way of following through with this intent and desire to make change. I am extremely proud to have worked on projects that span issues such as sustainability, climate change, equal rights and quality education, not just professionally but also privately.


Becoming a Shark

Sharkbite has given me the opportunity to gain even more knowledge about organizations and industries whilst also making our world a better place.

Project trip with Viva con Aqua - Picture by Markus Schwer

The UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) that is closest to my heart is No. 4 “Quality Education”.

Project trip with Viva con Aqua - Picture by Markus Schwer

During my recent visit to Ethiopia, I was on the road with Viva from Aqua, a wonderful organization that is committed to implementing clean drinking water initiatives all over the world, and Welthungerhilfe, who have established a great network with their local partners.

All the people I met had such an incredible energy, creativity and clearly had their whole lives ahead of them to add their own value to the world. I also had the opportunity to learn about a think tank in Addis Abeba, which progresses super cool ideas for social impact businesses. This resonated for me as I became aware of the importance of this goal, creating social impact.


My current focus as a Shark

I am currently focusing on a project called Collaborative Impact Journey, together with our partner SINA (a social innovation academy in Uganda) that promotes collaboration between African entrepreneurs and European Corporate employees. Because global challenges have to be tackled and solved globally.

Through different approaches and cultural know-how, challenges are understood and solved better, on the one hand for the strong European market and on the other hand for the fast-growing African market. Most importantly, all solutions create a global impact at the interface of innovation, profitability and sustainability.


I’m more than convinced that if we put all our energy and resources to this goal, we are able to add significant value and make the world a better place at the same time. If you are interested in impact innovation, solving global challenges through collaboration with highly motivated entrepreneurs from other cultures, contact us and join the movement.


Sharkbite Innovation is committed to changing the world for the better. Are you a shark? Now is the time to become one. Join the movement. Follow us on LinkedIn