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Innovation and

Enabling Innovations that matter


We facilitate innovation teams and build ecosystems for co-creation.
We strive for moonshot ideas that have the potential to change our impact on the planet for the better.

Innovate what matters!

and Intrapreneurship

Innovate what matters!


Creativity Training &
Innovation Challenges


Innovation through Intrapreneurship

Creativity Training &
Innovation Challenges


Innovation needs creativity, collaboration, and speed. Ideation challenges or Creativity Workshops are a great way to focus creativity around a specific problem or opportunity to discover ideas that can turn into innovations.

How & What

Creativity Training

We facilitate workshops and equip you with tools and methods for ideation using empathy, brainstorming, rapid prototyping, creativity, critical thinking and complex problem solving skills. In variable spaces - online and offline workshop formats - we enhance the collaboration and idea generation for effective outcomes.

What to expect

  • Discover new perspectives to old problems

  • Boost creativity for innovative solutions

  • Generate new ideas for products and services

  • Empower your team's entrepreneurial spirit

  • Develop an "innovate what matters" mindset when probelm solving

Innovation Challenges

We equip innovation teams with methods and tools inspired by Design Thinking and Lean Start Up to develop ideas that not only satisfy customer needs but also deliver a social and ecological impact. As a result, prototypes or MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) are created that can be validated and developed to market readiness.

We offer customized concepts from 2-day design sprints to 10-week idea challenges and accompany the teams as coach and facilitator during the challenges.

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Innovation through


Intrapreneurship programs are an excellent way to accelerate innovation beyond the key business activities. By empowering creative thinkers in the organization to suggest and develop ideas, companies can take the innovation funnel to the next level.

How & What

Sharkbite provides you a customized and effective concept that results in:

  1. Investable and scalable business models and

  2. Employees with a new valuable skillset


Start now to design your intrapreneurship program with Sharkbite!

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Strategy Development 


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Employee & Leadership Enablement

Innovaton trough Intraprenership
Creativity Workshops
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